Hello, welcome to Get Ranting. I am a CEGEP student studying in Montreal. I am Canadian, and of Chinese descent. My blood type is AB-. This blog is meant to be a space where I can speak my mind and be free from the opinions of what others think.

Rules for Get Ranting:

1. There is no specific category for the material I post, but most of it falls under the self-reflection/inspiration sections.

2. My goal is to rant what I wish while still providing entries that can help change someone’s life for the better.

3. My philosophy on a good piece of writing is when the work is produced in its most rawest form.

4. There is no daily schedule as to how often I post. I will dish out entries when I feel compelled and motivated to write.

5. My vision for this blog is to expand it to a level where it can serve as a community for various viewers, and not simply another blog site. I feel the higher we go in life, the less we are able to freely express ourselves. I want people to come to this site and feel free provide their opinions as they see towards life in general without feeling restricted.


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  1. I highly recommend travel. It is the best education of all. Take a backpack and rail pass to see how others really live. If your eyes and mind are open you will learn much! Bon courage et bon chance

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I finally had a chance to visit yours and I must say that I love the statement above that you blog to “express and inspire”. That’s why I blog as well. Keep writing!

  3. This is a really nice blog. Thanks for liking my post, otherwise I would’ve never found it. I liked your post about re-connecting with your inner self, it’s something that I’m quite passionate about, although I tend to think of it as realising where I stand in the world. Keep it up!

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